Landau & Kindlbacher
Expansion of Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Police Office)

The area of the Berlin headquarters of the Federal Police Office in Berlin-Treptow is a park-like island with several connections to its heterogeneous surroundings. Most of the 19th -century barracks faces inward and is grouped around the tree-lined parade ground in the northwest of the quarter. The creation of a second square as a centre of the quarter, surrounded by the buildings but thanks to its otherness not as a rival, successfully results in a new prestige value inwardly and an upgrading of Elsenstrasse by setting a clear, urban development demarcation.

The new space in front of the building serves as a central ‘green foyer’ with a clear identity. This is where people meet before going off to the various entrances of the new building complex or the old buildings. The ground floor accommodates the public areas such as the canteen, the cafeteria, the library with its reading area, and the building’s two entrance halls. The main entrance leads to a representative hall of the President Level, which is located at the head of the meander with a view over the entire area. The upper floors contain cellular offices along a central corridor, which is repeatedly broken up by relaxation areas with interesting views towards the street, the courtyards or the Federal Police Office area.

Client:Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung/ German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning
Area:17.200 m2
Competition2005/2006 2. Prize