Landau & Kindlbacher
Munich Stock Exchange

Until 2007, the Munich Stock Exchange was situated in Lenbachplatz (Munich), where it was modernised and restored by landau + kindelbacher in 1999. It has now moved into a restored and landmarked 1894 building in Karolinenplatz, a historical, exciting location between art, culture and the finance world.

The interior of the former villa, built by Viktor Hutschenreuther, has now been redesigned and converted in only 11 months to accommodate the new office rooms. The reception area is decorated with large glass panels showing the stock exchange logo, and a flatscreen monitor welcomes visitors. Every door in the stairwell opens onto a larger hall. All reception rooms are interconnected by large doors, which can be opened to create one large room if necessary.

The individual offices with their glass fronts convey a feeling of transparency. Although business is no longer conducted on the trading floor, the floors of all rooms are symbolically made of traditional parquet flooring. Colour accents are set by different but uniform wall colours and all derived from the colour concept of the logo. The concept of the Munich Stock Exchange is open, and transparency is an important design feature.

Client: Munich Stock Exchange
Task:  Foyer/Reception, Conference areas, Workplaces/Communication zones
Completion date: 2009