Landau & Kindlbacher
Main municipal administration building
Landsberg am Lech

Together with the existing Lechhaus, the extension forms the new central municipal administration department in Landsberg am Lech. The open-plan citizens’ bureau, which houses a wide range of services, is the focal point of the ground floor of the building. A three-storey reinforced steel skeleton structure was erected on top of the sturdy base storey. The central atrium is a source of natural daylight for the buildings interior. The self-contained patinated copper panels give a sense of rhythm to the strict aluminum surrounding facade. The floor-to-ceiling aluminum frames give the façade spatial depth and serve as housing for the fabric sun screens. Depending on the angle of vision the facade appears transparent or opaque. Likewise the appearance of the façade changes through the white fabric sun screen and the nighttime illumination of the glass surfaces. For ecological reasons the readily available water of the River Lech is used as a source of energy. The water drained from it, or ground water, passes through a heat exchanger, which provides the self-contained systems of the thermally active component parts of the heat-imparting/cooling ceilings with the desired temperature.

* Wessobrunner Architekturpreis 2002, engere Wahl


Stadt Landsberg am Lech
2.200 m2
Completion date:2003