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Architektouren 2020 - digital

For many years now, the “Architektouren”, the annual exhibition of Bavarian architecture, has been established as a firm institution in the calendar of events in the last weekend of June. But this year, thanks to Corona, instead of open doors, regional bus journeys to the projects, the “kinderArchitektouren”, and the touring exhibition, “Architektouren 2020” takes on a purely digital form. The Architektouren projects for 2020 are therefore all available here online, as well as our Projekt Hotel Ameron Neuschwanstein. The booklet too is being published and can be ordered from the Bayerischen Architektenkammer (the Bavarian Chamber of Architects).


With the title: Nahaufnahme: “Ressource Architektour – Eine Tour durch Bayern zu ausgewählten Projekten der Architektouren 2020” (Close-up: “Resource Architektour – a tour through Bavaria to selected projects of Architektouren 2020”), our media partner Bayern 2 is broadcasting a programme on Friday, 19 June 2020 at 3:30 p.m. on the subject; this can subsequently be heard as a Podcast.

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