Landau & Kindlbacher

Grand Opening: Ameron Neuschwanstein Resort & Spa, Hohenschwangau

In one of the best-known places in Germany, just below the two King Ludwig castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, the new AMERON Neuschwanstein Resort & Spa in Hohenschwangau was opened in March 2019. Authenticity and timelessness characterise the interior design developed by Landau + Kindelbacher.

The 100-year-old ensemble, consisting of the traditional buildings Alpenrose, Jägerhaus and Schlosshotel Lisl, is being renovated and united with the addition of carefully placed new buildings. A recurring element throughout the design is the motif of the alpine rose – from the specially developed light elements and room dividers to furniture handles and accessories. The existing architecture of the original buildings and the inspiration from the surrounding landscape with the view of the Alpsee are taken into account and flow into the design of the entrance hall, the various catering facilities and the guest rooms. Depending on the occasion and the time of day, guests can choose between the different catering offers – from the rustic “Stüberl” (parlour) to the Sarlettl in the conservatory or the exclusive Herrenzimmer and the bar for the evening. The unifying element is the use of high-quality natural materials such as natural stone floors and wooden floorboards in combination with black steel, linen, felt and loden. The 135 rooms are located in different parts of the building and thus differ in their design. Regional materials and imaginatively used textiles are complemented by a colour range of powerful shades of blue. The understatement of the design does justice to the unique mixture of the history and nature of the place.

task:135 rooms
Conference and spa area
Operator:AMERON Hotel & Resort
DeveloperWittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds (WAF)
Architecture:Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hotel Hohenschwangau, Architekt Wegmann // BKLS Architekten + Stadtplaner
Interior design:Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten - Innenarchitekten

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