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Project presentation: residential complex in Friedrichstrasse

Schwabing has always been a popular residential district whose old building structure – particularly from the time when it was an art nouveau artists’ quarter – was its special charm. The decorative façades with their fine ornaments and floral motifs, plus the generously sized studio windows in the attics and in the studio buildings hidden away in the courtyards, so popular at the end of the 19th century, characterise the streets of Schwabing.

The construction of this residential complex as a city block of high-quality design is the start of activities in Friedrichstrasse. With its classical division into a base storey in natural stone and a finely punctuated façade with several floor-to-ceiling studio windows, the building offers high-quality living space and at the same time isolates the city building situation with a block perimeter development. In scale, materiality and façade structure, the new building is perfectly integrated in the area of tension between the Wilhelminian-style buildings of the area and the neighbouring functional, glass-and-balcony façade from the early 1950s by Sep Ruf, and nevertheless has a striking corner effect. The flat roof with a stepped-level storey was deliberately chosen as a reference to Ruf’s design. But as a bridge to the modern era, the decorative findings from the art nouveau era in the form of ornaments were taken up in the plaster façade and the design of the balustrades. A central representative entrance hall with two lifts continues the outstanding ensemble into the interior.

In addition to the representative new building at the corner of Friedrichstrasse and Franz-Joseph-Strasse, a modern patio house in the rear courtyard completes the ensemble. Just as in the typical Schwabing district blocks, a generously planted inner courtyard is the core of the development, while Habsburger Platz and Leopold Park offer recreation within walking distance. The particular location in the heart of Schwabing provides different space qualities and perspectives – towards the listed ensembles and historical monuments of the surrounding area and up into the treetops of the nearby green spaces. Precise details and the use of contemporary materials characterise the modern interpretation of the Schwabing block.

Client: Legat Living
Living space:

70 residential units,

1- to 5-room flats from 22 to 149 sq. m.

Penthouses and a town house from 233 to 427 sq. m.

2-level underground garage with 73 parking spaces

Building start: 2018
Date of completion: End of 2019



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